HOW OFTEN?  Twice per year. Just do it when the time changes! Then supplement with a hand wax every month. This will ensure that your finish is always shiny and protect it from bird dropping and hard water stains from sprinklers. It will also keep your interior shiny and smelling like new. Your resale value will be much higher and you get to enjoy driving a beautiful vehicle. 


Types Of Detailing:

Restoration ( several hours)


Restoration detailing is much more involved than express detailing & includes services such as polishing the finish to remove damaged paint and debris such as over spray, insect fluid, bird droppings, hard water stains etc. After the polishing is completed the vehicle is waxed with a Simonize style paste wax to protect the finish and add deep shine. Restoration detailing could also include such services as complete cleaning of the entire interior via hot water extraction low foam shampooing & then dressing the interior to protect and shine the vinyl, leather or plastic components.  


Express (20-35 minutes after the wash)

A quick touch up designed to give a nice shine and short term protection. These services are done relatively quickly and include services such as hand waxing , carpet shampoo, & mini detailing. These services provide a quick cleanup and shine, but do not provide the long term protection of restoration detailing and can only be performed on vehicles that do not have badly stained finishes or heavily soiled interiors.     

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