UNLIMITED WASH PLANS                                PAYS FOR ITSELF IN less than 2 WASHES 






(includes wash, rainbow wax, sealer wax,underbody wash,wheels,tire dressing)



(Unlimited Wash Club Family Plan is now easier on your wallet.  If you have one full price Unlimited Wash Plan you can now have 2 ,3 4, or 5 without having to pay 6 months upfront. As of Jan 2nd 2018  Family plans work just like your original full price wash plan, but cheaper.. You still get the same great family discount ,but now your family plan renews every month on your anniversary date just like your original plan. You only have to pay 1 month at a time leaving more money in your wallet, 
   Just be aware you have to have a full price unlimited wash plan in effect to take advantage of this great deal.




prices are per month, per vehicle/auto recharged to credit card 

crossovers,suv,larger vehicle $5.00 extra/month


  • If you wish to suspend your unlimited wash plan and gurantee your slot and pricing or discontunue your plan please email foothillautowash@gmail.com at least 10 days before your customary charge date. This is about the same time every month. Your email will be returned with a letter of instruction and options attached.
  • suspensions are for 31 days maximum
  • No Cash or credit card refunds will be given. 
  • Refunds will be by gift card at the maximum rate of 1 month membership per plan. Printed proof of charge occuring with 31 days after confirmation email from plan administrator will be required. If your vehicle was washed during that 31 day period no refund will be given.





Due to constantly rising minimum wage and strict labor laws

We may open later  or close early on cloudy days or when rain is in the immediate forecast! We appreciate your understanding.




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