Things We Do To Save The Planet: 

  • We are solar ! producing 67% of our electricity. 
  • We recycle our water & use less than 10 Gallons of fresh water to wash your vehicle
  • We donate clean drinking water for 1 kid for 1 day for every wash purchased.
  • We donated clean drinking water for over 60,000 kids last year!
  • We use state of the art computerized equipment to minimize the use of electricity, water & chemicals.
  • All the oil we take from your vehicle is disposed of responisbly and may be re-refined into factory spec. motor oils reducing dependence on foreign oil and its 83% better for the environment than refining from crude.
  • All oil filters are up-cycled to become new products
  • We Recycle! Bring us your ink cartridges, household batteries, cell phones, cans, bottles,motor oil & filters. We will Even recycle or donate your Clothes!

We want the planet to be beautiful for our kids to. This is why we recycle water and everything else we can. You know all those water bottles and soda cans you throw away when you get here. Our staff recycles them. All the boxes our merchandise arrive in... you guessed it we recycle them. Ink cartridges.. you bet we recycle them. Our Motto " WE CARE" extends to more than just doing business !

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